Kristin P.

From the moment I met Akshaya I knew there was something special about her. She immediately offered me a safe, calm, peaceful space to open up and share. I immediately felt safe to be vulnerable. Akshaya is EXCEPTIONAL at grounding in and out. I learned so much from her just from the way she was able to open and close our sessions. I was consistently impressed with her memory, and how she would remember things I would say from previous calls. She has incredibly accurate intuition and whenever she would share her ‘intuitive hits’ with me, it was magic.

Julie D.

Before working with Akshaya, I knew I was standing in my own way of creating my dream life. I saw my self-limiting beliefs, and yet I struggled to release them. With her gentle guidance, I was able to understand where my blocks came from and gradually let go of these layers to come back to my most Authentic Self. She has reminded me of the greatness and courage that is inside of me, and thanks to her support, I am taking those steps (that once felt so scary!) towards my vision. Thank you Akshaya for making me feel so seen, heard, understood, and supported. You are a gem, and I’m grateful to have coached with you!

Archana V.

I have known Akshaya for 8 years and she always struck me as someone with a wonderful wholesome energy that made me feel peaceful and calm in her presence and so when I learned she was offering coaching I jumped at it. She really listens and her approach wasn’t to just give a solution to my problems but to help me evaluate and disentangle them with true introspection, so that I was able to come to my own conclusions, make my own decisions and get to a place of clarity. I had no doubts she was going to be amazing, but the sessions truly exceeded my expectations and what I gained was ultimately so much more insightful and everlasting.

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