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Dare to Dream 1:1 Coaching

Your thoughts are powerful. What you think about yourself matters, because your thoughts become your reality.

Think about your life right now and all the thoughts and decisions you made that got you to where you are now.

You chose this path, influenced by your parents, friends, and mentors because they experienced success and joy doing what you’re doing right now.

But it doesn’t feel right to you. It doesn’t fit.

And that’s ok.


Imagine what you can do when you intentionally move in the direction you want to go in.

Choosing mindfully, to do the things that bring you joy.

Slowly closing the gap between yourself and your dreams each day.

Here’s how you get closer to your dream:



I’ll help you discover the limiting beliefs that hold you back from your dreams.



You will then dismantle every thought and every piece of generational and societal messaging that has crept into your psyche, serving as roadblocks.



From there I will guide you in creating powerfully supportive thoughts, which empower you to take charge of your life, make your own rules, and love yourself deeply.



You will apply my process to all areas of your life and embark on your transformative journey

Client Love

From the moment I met Akshaya I knew there was something special about her. She immediately offered me a safe, calm, peaceful space to open up and share. I immediately felt safe to be vulnerable. Akshaya is EXCEPTIONAL at grounding in and out. I learned so much from her just from the way she was able to open and close our sessions. I was consistently impressed with her memory, and how she would remember things I would say from previous calls. She has incredibly accurate intuition and whenever she would share her ‘intuitive hits’ with me, it was magic.

Kristin P. 
Kristin P.

Before working with Akshaya, I knew I was standing in my own way of creating my dream life. I saw my self-limiting beliefs, and yet I struggled to release them. With her gentle guidance, I was able to understand where my blocks came from and gradually let go of these layers to come back to my most Authentic Self. She has reminded me of the greatness and courage that is inside of me, and thanks to her support, I am taking those steps (that once felt so scary!) towards my vision. Thank you Akshaya for making me feel so seen, heard, understood, and supported. You are a gem, and I’m grateful to have coached with you!

Julie D.  
Julie D.

I have known Akshaya for 8 years and she always struck me as someone with a wonderful wholesome energy that made me feel peaceful and calm in her presence and so when I learned she was offering coaching I jumped at it. She really listens and her approach wasn’t to just give a solution to my problems but to help me evaluate and disentangle them with true introspection, so that I was able to come to my own conclusions, make my own decisions and get to a place of clarity. I had no doubts she was going to be amazing, but the sessions truly exceeded my expectations and what I gained was ultimately so much more insightful and everlasting.

Archana V. 
Archana V.

Akshaya encouraged me to quit focusing on the roadblocks, of which there are always some, and shift to where my yeses are. It turns out I have a lot more yeses than roadblocks! And as I build momentum with the yeses, the roadblocks are shrinking into speed bumps only. So many delicious yeses! You are a gentle navigator toward the possibilities. I felt accompanied and very supported. In addition to business going well, my relationship with my husband has improved because I am applying the same principles.

Chris A. 
Chris A.

Whether you want to switch careers, create a spiritually aligned business, be a more conscious and loving parent, heal your past, or simply reconnect with your heart and soul, my process will support you every step of the way.

Together, we’ll create magic.

“What you think, you create. What you feel you attract. What you imagine you become”


You’re ready for the life you dream about. Explore your possibilities today.